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Wednesday, November 10, 2010



New movement!


Friday, October 1, 2010


Just a reminder that im bout to drop some new music on this blog.... get ready!!! new, Hi Def Clique, Jevy, Rappin P, WeZ Gailon.. ect..... Stay tuned....

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


New track from Jevy with Supa Sound on the Hook! Classic Production By Supa Sound, You gotta love this 1...
We giving it for free so lets get the downloads rolling!!! Free Download link below....

Track Info

Engineering: Supa Sound, L.I
Producer: Supa Sound
Mixing Engineer: L.I
Title: Hungry For Your Love
Artist: Jevy ft Supa Sound
Track Length: 4:05

Thursday, September 2, 2010


AYO! check out my new production... Called "gangsta chick" by Jevy and Gailon.  If you Missing the gangsta side of rap music then listen to this! Great chorus, exellent lyrics to guide the track and awesome production.

Tell me what yall think....

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Check Out UK Producer/Rapper "Rappin P"

Download Rappin P's New Tracks That Leaked!

Also  stay tuned for: "Rappin P ft Jevy - Left With Memories & Strong Again"

L.I Beats


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

NEW!! FRESTYLE!! "That Tree By Jevy" [Download Link Inside]

Wadup fam!! Here is the 3rd Freestyle off the freestyles mixtape. Free download below, help support the movement by downloading our music and by joining us on Facebook, twitter, Myspace.

For those who support the movement, Thanks and much love, we appreciate it.
Get "That Tree" now!!!

------------------------------------Download here---------------------------------------

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NEW! FED UP REMIX! By Jevy off The Freestyles mixtape [Download link inside]

Ok, Now for those that didnt download the Mixtape yet, here you can download the lyrical "Fed Up" Freestyle by Jevy. If you like this 1, im sure you will dig the mixtape. Get the full mixtape by the post below. More music to come, we will release a free download every week, that way you can download the mixtape if you cant afford to get the entire mixtape at once.


DOWNLOAD! Fed Up By Jevy Here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

TMT Music Presents: Jevy In The Freestyles Mixtape [Download link Inside]

Finally!!! Its Here! TMT Music Presents Jevy In The Freesyles. Now that the world cup is over its time for some GOOD LOCAL SOUTH AFRICAN RAP MUSIC! This Mixtape is amazing! Please listen to this entire Mixtape without skipping any tracks. There is a story behind this one.
We used a few beats yall might be familiar with so take a good listen to it and this is just a build up towards the FAR AWAY FROM HOME MIXTAPE, will keep you posted on that one later on, for now you can listen to this. This is some of my latest work on vocals, so hola at me if you need a record mixed!

Hope you enjoy it, dont forget to comment!

Thank you

Duration: 2 Weeks
Engineer: Reggie & Jevy
Mixing Engineer: L.I & Supa Sound
Mastering: L.I

---------------------------------DOWNLOAD HERE----------------------------------
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PLAYBALL - JEVY FREESTYLE! [Download link Inside]

ok ok ok! The 1st Single of the Freestyles Mixtape dropped!!! You can download it below! You gota love it and drop a comment please! The Tape will drop in a few weeks!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Join The "Text Battles" Group on Mig33

Whats Good Yall! Ok, Check this out, we working on a new Hiphop Text Battles Group. So for all those rappers with the dopest punchlines, multies, rhymes ect. come and showcase your talent at his group. Earn a spot in the top 10. [Maybe get rewarded]

The Group will have the following available:
  • Forum Battles
  • Live Battles in Chatrooms
  • Meet other Dope Text battlers and battle with them in real time.
  • A Top 10 Rankings list which will be updated daily, and will appear on this blog.
  • Cypha Section

This is just for now, as we work on it, things will advance.

How to Join The Text Battles Group for Free?

Simply visit mig33 and register an account.
Create your Profile and Search for the "Text Battles" Group.
Join the group and you are ready to battle.

Or you can battle straight from your cellphone with the Mig33 Application.

Download it here and just got to browse groups > search groups > and enter "Text Battles"

Alternative link for the application:

Friday, June 25, 2010


Sup Yall! ok, We busy working on a Freestyle mixtape that'l drop soon, its gona be a warm up towards the "Far away from Home" Tape. I will post the tracklist and artwork on this blog. 4 tracks are done already and its going to be goooood! Trust me! It will be available for download on this blog. LI Beats, and also check out TMT Music. So Stay tuned for more fresh local music. Peace