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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NEW! FED UP REMIX! By Jevy off The Freestyles mixtape [Download link inside]

Ok, Now for those that didnt download the Mixtape yet, here you can download the lyrical "Fed Up" Freestyle by Jevy. If you like this 1, im sure you will dig the mixtape. Get the full mixtape by the post below. More music to come, we will release a free download every week, that way you can download the mixtape if you cant afford to get the entire mixtape at once.


DOWNLOAD! Fed Up By Jevy Here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

TMT Music Presents: Jevy In The Freestyles Mixtape [Download link Inside]

Finally!!! Its Here! TMT Music Presents Jevy In The Freesyles. Now that the world cup is over its time for some GOOD LOCAL SOUTH AFRICAN RAP MUSIC! This Mixtape is amazing! Please listen to this entire Mixtape without skipping any tracks. There is a story behind this one.
We used a few beats yall might be familiar with so take a good listen to it and this is just a build up towards the FAR AWAY FROM HOME MIXTAPE, will keep you posted on that one later on, for now you can listen to this. This is some of my latest work on vocals, so hola at me if you need a record mixed!

Hope you enjoy it, dont forget to comment!

Thank you

Duration: 2 Weeks
Engineer: Reggie & Jevy
Mixing Engineer: L.I & Supa Sound
Mastering: L.I

---------------------------------DOWNLOAD HERE----------------------------------
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